We are happy and proud to say we are now officially a registered charity YIPPEE!! Our number is 1163874.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Support Adoption for Pets, we have been overwhelmed by your support and generosity receiving a grant for £10,000. During these hard months when all fundraising has had to be cancelled it is an absolute lifesaver THANK YOU AGAIN from all at Redditch Cat Rescue xx

We have unfortunately been asked to help with a welfare case, 22 Persian cats were in a house with an owner who could no longer look after them. They have been split to various rescues who could take as many as able, we had 5. They all needed dematting and dentals when shaved 2 were found to have large lumps that were not visible due to the amount of matted fur. The lumps were removed and all of them are recovering well, feeling much lighter and better. See some pics below

Here we are only half way through March and our Easter fayre is on Sunday 24th March at Beoley village hall again, where has the time gone.
Since the 1st ofJanuary we have had 22 kittens born and realistically kitten season should only just be starting 😠
then on Tuesday we picked up two heavily pregnant cats only about 12 months old themselves. So if you or anyone you know are struggling to afford to get you cats neutered, please contact us and we can help. No more babies having babies please.☺

We were still very busy as we are with every year we have had ups and downs, we have lost some beautiful souls to rainbow bridge due to illness and infection but we have also managed to save so many. We have rehomed over 240 cats and kittens this year and are so proud of them venturing out into new forever homes where they can flourish and thrive. We have also relocated over 40 feral cats to better places to live out their lives ‘earning’ a wage catching pests, we also have got over 640 cats neutered which is a huge achievement and cost over 36 thousand pounds.

We have held two quiz nights this year and both have gone fantastically well raising over £1500 which helps tremendously with our huge vets bills. They have been such a success we are definitely going to be holding more so watch this space, see our events page for dates

Hi this is written by Mel the lady behind RCR …

Well here we are 2020, and although only half way through January, cats and kittens are already coming into the rescue. We’ve had a mummy and kittens taken from a garden living under a shed, 2 kittens abandoned at a scrapyard, l white unneutered male cat living on the streets of Birmingham, a huge unneutered tabby male, and yet another unneutered boy who had had a huge abscess on his face which had left a massive infected hole in his cheek, now treated and neutered at the fantastic Southcrest Vets.
2019 proved to be a particularly busy and stressful year with more kittens being born than l can ever remember. The mommy cats, no more than kittens themselves kept coming. Some were as young as 6 months old and one little girl only 11 months had 9 kittens. Imagine feeding that lot😢
My loyal team of volunteers have been working hard fundraising and rescuing cats off the streets, some of them doing this whilst holding down full time jobs.
We need to fundraise almost every weekend to keep on top of our ever increasing vet bills. The more cats we rescue the more vet bills we have. Cat flu, enteritis, viruses, neutering, vaccines and microchipping soon mount up.
The three fayres we hold at Beoley Village Hall have been very successful, as are our Quiz night’s , and thank you to everyone who supported us at these events.
Our £1.00 Club is doing well, but we still need to increase its members so if you know of anyone who is willing to donate £1.00 per month, we would be eternally grateful, as would our ever growing band of rescues, especially the older cats who are harder to find homes for and therefore spend so much longer with us.

This money makes a huge difference in helping pay for surgeries, such as amputation when legs are too badly injured to save, or from birth defects. There have also been lots of eye removals ….. the result of eye infection being neglected and severe cat flu. Nothing is ever refused treatment if we can save the animal, no matter what the cost we will raise the money somehow. So as you can see the hard work can never stop and neither can the everyday running of the rescue, which is so important as everything has to be kept spotlessly clean to stop any infection spreading, and to make sure all our rescues are happy here.
We will keep you updated on our Website and Facebook sites as and when we have dates for our fundraisers. In the meantime you can continue to support us by adding both kitten, and adult food, into our collection bins, which are in Tesco’s and Morrison’s (Redditch). We’re continually grateful for these much needed, and appreciated, donations.
Although this is Redditch Cat Rescue we are rescuing more and more cats, especially ferals from Birmingham including areas as far as Sutton Coldfield, Halesowen, Aston and surrounding areas. We never refuse if we can help we will. 
Feral cats are neutered, flea, worm treated and treated for any medical problems before being relocated to stables, where they can have a better life with regular food, and freedom, to live the life they are used to but in safe environment.

So to everyone who has supported us, old friends and new, throughout 2019 either by giving money, food, items to sell or craft items made for our fayres I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2020, and  say a huge THANK YOU ….. two very small words but from the heart.

Mel and all at Redditch Cat Rescue especially our fluffy residents 

Last year you helped us rehome 498 cats and kittens and relocate 307 ferals and unhomeable cats.



We have had a very busy year and held or attended quite a few events in our efforts to raise money. We attended the NEC cat show which was amazing, we raised nearly £500 and met a whole bunch of new people and friends

We have more support with fundraising in the form of Anita who puts together lovely tombola and raffle prizes so thank you Anita it has taken a lot of pressure of us

This year has brought us a few very sick kittens a couple of which have had a very rough time and ended up having to have eyes removed and X-rays and biopsies. Luckily they are all on the road to recovery or have fully recovered and gone on to find forever homes, sadly we have suffered more than a few losses too


Once again we are inundated with kittens, please spread the word about neutering there is help for people who can’t afford it please contact us or the larger organisations if you need help or know someone that does. It is unnecessary and cruel for 5 month old kittens to be pregnant. Please help those who can’t help themselves

It seems as usual to be never ending with kitten season not really stopping but only slowing down,  already we have new babies in the rescue and more on the streets. 


Poor Darwin when he came to us

Darwin after his demat and dental
A few of the feral cats we have rescued