“Rescue a cat, save not one but 2…the one you took home and the one that can take it’s place in the Rescue  


We have already had yet another busy year but very productive, rehoming over 250 cats and kittens, relocating approximately 60 ferals and neutering over 450 cats thanks to all that have given time, donations and homes we are eternally grateful.
We have already started on our fundraising and will be holding events big and small over the year so keep an eye out for us details are on our events page, we are still Pets At Homes partnership charity so a huge thank you to all the team there and to Support Adoption who have over the last couple of years given us grants and pallets of food.
Along the way we have made some new friends and gained new helpers and hope to continue to do so.

We have all new pens which were up and running pretty much as soon as installed so we can help more cats, it was a very long time coming and hard work to fund but we are very proud of them and it was worth it.

Mel our leading lady would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports us in whatever way you can xx



There are estimated to be 2 .5 million stray cats and kittens on our streets but the true number maybe even higher. Often we hear some of the cruel and ill-informed advice being given to people seeking help with feral cat situations. They are often told ‘Don’t feed them and they’ll go away’. They may well move along the road until they find someone who will feed them, but what if they are repeatedly turned away, what then? The domestic cat whether tame or feral has learnt to be reliant on humans either deliberately feeding them or being able to scavenge their leftovers. Withholding food could easily result in extreme suffering and also the deaths of kittens belonging to malnourished mothers.