“Rescue a cat, save not one but 2…the one you took home and the one that can take it’s place in the Rescue  

As we approach the end of what has been a truly challenging year for everyone l thought l would tell you how the rescue is coping with the impact of Covid.
Like all small volunteer  run rescues things have been very demanding to say the least, but despite this YOU our loyal supporters have not failed us. You have continued to donate food into our bins at Tesco and Morrison’s, joining our £1.00 club, coming along to our small events, generally donating food, items to sell and money and having a go on our online raffles all this has been a huge part of keeping the rescue afloat.
We have continued to rescue and rehome cats and kittens of which there have been many,  all within the safety guidelines of course. Debbie and Vicky have come up with ways of doing home checks, so our standards have not slipped to make sure all our rescues get the best homes possible.
One thing l am struggling with is finding places for the many feral cats out there living in appalling conditions and scavaging for scraps of food, phone calls about these cats is constant as people are finding it difficult to get any help for them.
We will always help where we can trapping, neutering, flea and worm treating and relocate when possible, this is where the begging begins. If you have stables or a small holding and are having problems with rodents, then a couple of feral cats can make a huge difference to you, and all for a couple of meals a day and shelter, and no need for poisons.
We can deliver the cats to you all you need is a secure place to keep the for at least three weeks and of course lots of kind words, you won’t regret taking on working cats. ok end of grovelling.
I would also like to say a massive thankyou to Southrest Vets for all their help in this difficult time their kindness and compassion towards our rescues has been very much appreciated.
Can l now wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and feel proud that without your unwavering support the rescue could not continue to work to save as many cats and kittens as we have this year. Mel and all th volunteers at Redditch Cat rescue

Unfortunately we have had a hard year being unable to fundraise in our usual ways. Due to covid we have had to cancel all of our main events and most of the smaller ones, this has obviously had a huge impact on us and the cats we care for. We have a few other ways such as EASYFUNDRAISING website when you shop online and you can donate straight to our account 38835819 sc 543035 , paypal admin@redditchcatrescue.ci.uk  , Amazon wish list and you can donate straight to our vets Sheldon Yourvets, Southcrest or Stetchford Vets4Pets if you can do any of these it would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT 💕💕 

We have already had yet another busy year but very productive, rehoming over 250 cats and kittens, relocating approximately 60 ferals and neutering over 450 cats thanks to all that have given time, donations and homes we are eternally grateful.
We have already started on our fundraising and will be holding events big and small over the year so keep an eye out for us details are on our events page, we are still Pets At Homes partnership charity so a huge thank you to all the team there and to Support Adoption who have over the last couple of years given us grants and pallets of food.
Along the way we have made some new friends and gained new helpers and hope to continue to do so.

Mel our leading lady would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports us in whatever way you can xx



There are estimated to be 2 .5 million stray cats and kittens on our streets but the true number maybe even higher. Often we hear some of the cruel and ill-informed advice being given to people seeking help with feral cat situations. They are often told ‘Don’t feed them and they’ll go away’. They may well move along the road until they find someone who will feed them, but what if they are repeatedly turned away, what then? The domestic cat whether tame or feral has learnt to be reliant on humans either deliberately feeding them or being able to scavenge their leftovers. Withholding food could easily result in extreme suffering and also the deaths of kittens belonging to malnourished mothers.