Black and white male approx 3 yrs

Hello my name is Ziggy and I am a handsome fellow. The lovely rescue ladies tell me I’m 3 yrs old ish and that in those few years have used a good few of my nine lives and I’m lucky to be alive. I know that I had a bad start, straying for a long time until the rescue collected me, I was taken to the vets and it was found that my testicles were inside my abdomen which meant a more complex surgery was needed for me. I was a bit frightened but they looked after me so well. I was on the road to recovery until I had a an awful time as unbeknownst to anyone my wounds inside had broken down this meant one day some of my intestines came out, I was terrified and rushed to the vets where it took nearly 3 hours to fix me. I am ok now all better and I have had a dental operation to fix my teeth. I am a very loving boy and just would love a family of my own to snuggle with