Rupert & George rehomed

White and black male approx 6 yrs, tabby male approx 5yrs


Hi here we have George and Ruperts story and a little video we had fun making, as Rupert is a fidget bum and doesn’t sit still long as he needs lots of head bonks.

Here is their story……

Hi we lived In Birmingham with our mommy and other brothers and sisters (cats). We were treated like kings and queens…. then one day mommy got sick and some people took her away for a few days. So aunty Mel came everyday to visit us and feed us. BUT…..mommy wasn’t coming home ????and aunty Mel turned up with her carriers and promised to look after us. We are now in foster after having lots of teeth removed which hurt a lot, but feels lots better now. ???? in foster we get lots of love and cuddles and head bonks but we are not allowed inside on that comfy sofa, as there are already cats sleeping on it.

Do you have a comfy sofa? A sofa we can get comfy On? A sofa we can lie with you at night and snuggle? If so please call and come and see us because we know you will love us as we are just adorable ????

I am very friendly, quite mischievous and cheeky. If you can help me become part of a new family I will reward you with lots of purrs