Rommel rehomed

White & black male approx 2 yrs



Meet Rommel, a young male aged approximately 2 years old.

Hello my name is Ollie, I used to be Rommel. I came to the rescue from a horrible place in Birmingham and let’s face it guys I was a bit of a state, battered and very dirty. Despite all this a wonderful human came to see me and saw past that and fell in love with me. I went to my new home and we got along brilliantly for many months she looked after me, fed me good food and cleaned me up with lots love and care (I now look very handsome) Sadly and suddenly my new lovely human became very very sick and has had to go away we are both heartbroken as we loved each other very much. I am now hoping another lovely human will love me as much and take me into their home
Yours Ollie (Rommel)