We are happy and proud to say we are now officially a registered charity YIPPEE!! Our number is 1163874.


We have unfortunately been asked to help with a welfare case, 22 Persian cats were in a house with an owner who could no longer look after them. They have been split to various rescues who could take as many as able, we had 5. They all needed dematting and dentals when shaved 2 were found to have large lumps that were not visible due to the amount of matted fur. The lumps were removed and all of them are recovering well, feeling much lighter and better. See some pics below

Here we are only half way through March and our Easter fayre is on Sunday 24th March at Beoley village hall again, where has the time gone.
Since the 1st ofJanuary we have had 22 kittens born and realistically kitten season should only just be starting 😠
then on Tuesday we picked up two heavily pregnant cats only about 12 months old themselves. So if you or anyone you know are struggling to afford to get you cats neutered, please contact us and we can help. No more babies having babies please.☺

We were still very busy as we are with every year we have had ups and downs, we have lost some beautiful souls to rainbow bridge due to illness and infection but we have also managed to save so many. We have rehomed over 240 cats and kittens this year and are so proud of them venturing out into new forever homes where they can flourish and thrive. We have also relocated over 40 feral cats to better places to live out their lives ‘earning’ a wage catching pests, we also have got over 640 cats neutered which is a huge achievement and cost over 36 thousand pounds.

We have held two quiz nights this year and both have gone fantastically well raising over £1500 which helps tremendously with our huge vets bills. They have been such a success we are definitely going to be holding more so watch this space, see our events page for dates

Hi this is written by Mel the lady behind RCR …Well here we are saying goodbye to 2018 and welcoming 2019 and as 2019 begins l would like to send a HUGE and heartfelt Thankyou to my small group of helpers who have been with Redditch Cat Rescue through the good times and the bad times, and believe me there have been some really bad times during the past year. It has at times felt like pushing water up hill, trying to keep up with the number of cats that need neutering, and kitten season was relentless so many sick and dying kittens coming our way. Feral colonies are increàsing every year and not enough people to do trap neuter returns anymore. At one farm alone we have neutered 82 cats and kittens, it was an extreme case but believe me there are others out there that we don’t know about yet.
Our small rescue has beyond our expectations over the last two years, and its thanks to all of you who have supported us by donating food bedding toys and joining our £1.00 club making a monthly donation, making and knitting crafts for our fundraising fayre, there are some very talented people out there. Always turning up to support us in all weather’s, we won’t mention the Christmas fayre last year.!!
So from the bottom of our hearts we all thankyou and know every penny we raise goes to the welfare of these poor creatures who through no fault of their own find themselves in the most heart breaking situations, everything you do helps us to helps them, you never cease to amaze how generous you all are parting with your hard earned cash so we never have to refuse a cat vetinary treatment.
in the early hours of the 1st Jan 2019 we had our first litter of kittens born to a little female 12mths old. Mommy Belle and her 5 babies are all doing well.
Now one last big ask, if you ha e been thinking of having a cat to join your family, please do it, we have adult cats who are still wanting their 2019 to be their best ever spending the rest of their lives surrounded by love and affection which some have never known and are just learning to accept from humans, so go on you won’t regret it. Give one these beauties a home.
hope you all have a happy and very peaceful year from Mel and


We have had a very busy year and held or attended quite a few events in our efforts to raise money. We attended the NEC cat show which was amazing, we raised nearly £500 and met a whole bunch of new people and friends

We have more support with fundraising in the form of Anita who puts together lovely tombola and raffle prizes so thank you Anita it has taken a lot of pressure of us

This year has brought us a few very sick kittens a couple of which have had a very rough time and ended up having to have eyes removed and X-rays and biopsies. Luckily they are all on the road to recovery or have fully recovered and gone on to find forever homes, sadly we have suffered more than a few losses too


Once again we are inundated with kittens, please spread the word about neutering there is help for people who can’t afford it please contact us or the larger organisations if you need help or know someone that does. It is unnecessary and cruel for 5 month old kittens to be pregnant. Please help those who can’t help themselves

It seems as usual to be never ending with kitten season not really stopping but only slowing down,  already we have new babies in the rescue and more on the streets.