Tabby white male approx 3yrs

Meet Denzel. This poor boy has been through the wars and survived despite the odds….this is his story…
Denzel was covered in petrol by kids who were about to set him on fire, but thankfully a member of the public saw what was happening and intervened just in time, he was rushed to the vets as the petrol was highly toxic and being absorbed through his skin. He was washed to try and get as much off as possible but where it was burning his skin he had to have most of his fur shaved off. It was touch and go for him for a long while but he received excellent treatment and care from Vets4Pets at Stechford. When Denzel started to get a little better one of the kind vet nurses took him home to give him a break from the vets but couldnt foster him long term so he went to Loraine The other thing which I havent told you yet is that Denzel also tested positive for FIV so it just goes to prove how much fight these little cats have in them and that their immune systems can be as strong as a healthy cat. His liver was damaged but he’s been on liver support meds and amazingly his liver has repaired itself and his markers are now within normal range. SO….he’s come for a temporary stop at the Cain Cat Hotel He such a placid and amenable little chap that we just cant imagine why anyone would want to hurt him 😪😪. It’s all behind him now and as you can see he seems happy enough to be here 🙂 . Here’s his story in pictures. This is also a story of how great things can happen when rescues pull together 🙂

This is him now, he is still in a foster home waiting for his forever home