Male approx 6 yrs white



Hello lovely people my name is Albert my story is a not a nice one I’m afraid but please if you try to see past my looks and see me for the cat I am (bit like beauty and the beast) I’ve been told.
I was was picked up off the streets in Redditch in a very sad state I have no upper lip and part of my nose is missing The vets think this is due to a very long named condition called eosinophilic granuloma complex which is a severe skin allergy probably brought about by a heavy flea infestation but I’m still having tests. I have been treated for fleas and I am undergoing treatment for my upper lip and nose, The lovely and kind vets are pleased with my progress so far
I am a very laid back, lazy ( I am told but don’t necessarily agree with the lazy part ) boy who love food and toys. I will be looking for a long term foster or paws crossed a permanent home